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Choosing the right fish for your pond

Part of the beauty of a decorative pond comes from the fish that live in it and give the pond a true natural feeling. How to choose the right fish for the pond and how many fish should we put in it? We will soon find out. There are different kinds of fish that are a […]


Building decorative ponds

The decorative pond is the center of the house garden and completes the natural look of the backyard. A big or small pond brings the garden to life. The combination of water, water plants and decorative fish dramatically upgrades the backyard. During the last few years the building of water ponds is becoming more common, accessible […]


Ecological / biological pond – Biological swimming ponds

What is a biological pond? First let’s find out together what is an ecological or a biological pond if you wish. A biological pond is similar to a regular decorative pond; the difference is the filtering system. In a regular decorative pond the filtering is done by an external filter. The external filtration systems operate by using […]


Choosing the right decorative fish for your aquarium

The last step when you build your aquarium is to pick the fish that will be a good match for it. There are hundreds of fish on the market that can be purchased in the pet shops and at the fish breeders. It is important to understand that not every fish is a good match for every […]


Flora Aquarium

A flora aquarium is an aquarium in which you grow real water plants. The combination between the water plants and the decorative fish makes it look like perfect real garden inside  aquarium. It is true that we can use artificial plant inside the aquarium but it will never achieve the same effect. By using real water plants […]