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Why Our Aquarium?

  • A whole new world of creativity and design
  • A special, stylized furniture element adding life, light and tranquility to the home, office or any other space
  • Creates a relaxing positive atmosphere in waiting rooms, clinics, showrooms
    and more
  • Many varied design options, to suit the preferences of the client and the company designers
  • A large choice of decorations for a rich, vibrant display
  • In hotel lobbies, ease the stresses and strains of travel-weary guests

We have so many different options to offer you, to realize your dreams in light, colors, sizes and space design.  Create your own world of underwater greenery, colored rockeries, fantastic lights, populated with eye-catching freshwater or saltwater and marine fish.  Designed specially for you, for your taste and preferences.

Come and talk to us – we’ll discuss your dreams and give you our recommendations for the best possible solutions for your needs, desires and space requirements.

Who are we?

Aqua Melah was founded by CEO Oren Ben Shimshon.  The company started out as a hobby, built on Ben Shimshon’s love of the world of aquariums and aquatic life.  After many years of experience and expertise, Aqua Melah is now one of the leading, most professional companies in the market.  We provide services throughout the country.  We take pride in offering reliable, professional service to all our many satisfied customers, both private and business clients.  Our products can be seen in many private homes, sheltered housing, clinic waiting rooms, showrooms, offices, hotel lobbies and banqueting gardens, adding life and tranquility to any space.


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